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I've moved on to raising my own food and kids.

If tech wants to hire me, they'll have to explain why sitting in front of a monitor babysitting fragile systems that I'm not allowed to fix is better than watching grass grow.

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Tech used to be SO different 20 years ago.

It is only getting more absurd every day now.

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Not so fast.

I need the following, in writing:

  2. NO ANNUAL REVIEWS -- if my boss has a beef with me, tell me that week, don't let it sit for 9 months.
  4. I can use whatever pronouns I want, and if people get upset with me "misgendering" them then I get to laugh at them, loudly, every time I see them in the halls.
  5. I get to worship my God at the workplace. That means I get to talk about Jesus to all my co-workers. And I get to tell godless commies that they are going to hell unless they repent.
  6. I get to be a MAGA republican, proudly, and I get to say things like "KILL ALL THE COMMIES" and "DO YOU WANT A FREE HELICOPTER RIDE?" unironically.
  7. I get to carry to work. Not just a handgun, but an AR-15 rifle, fully decked out, magazine in, safety on but charged and ready to go. I get to bring my rifle to any meeting I want. I will practice gun safety, but I don't feel comfortable being a conservative Christian in a modern day tech company without personal protection.
  8. Also, I can clean my rifles and handguns on my break time. If my co-workers don't like the smell of gun cleaner, then they can wear a gas mask.
  9. My contract reads something like: If I am fired for anything other than incompetence or negligence, I get a nice big severance package. Too many times I have programmed myself out of work by solving all the big problems. Oftentimes I fix all the problems in my first month of work.
  10. Mandatory raises at 2x the rate of inflation. If you don't want to give me a raise, fire me.
  11. My managers are required to attend any and all op overview meetings. I don't want them to EVER say "I am too busy to hear about issues that might affect the stability of the site". If they miss a meeting, or if they pretend to be surprised when the site crashes AFTER I FREAKING WARNED THEM A THOUSAND TIMES then I have the power to fire them for negligence and incompetence. YOU ARE A MANAGER IT IS YOUR JOB TO MANAGE THE STABILITY OF THE SITE YOU MORON!
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Trump can't win a third term

Unless Pence is going the help repeal the amendment

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Keep the constitution

Dump the UNCONSTITUTIONAL government

And ANYONE who dared tried to subvert the constitution -- TRAITOR

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I could argue the Roman double eagles used to stand for something equally amazing -- a government ruled by a Christian who swore allegiance to Christ alone. Same for many other historic countries.

Those days of the American republic have long been over. That flag does not represent what we were told it represents. The federal government is a den of degenerates. The state governments are also likewise compromised.

I now doubt we ever were on the right side of history, given the damage we have done to the planet, in terms of the governments we have overthrown and people we have murdered. Maybe slavery was good after all. I can't tell because everything in the media is a lie. Up is down, down is up.

If Russia were to nuke DC, I would mark it as a national holiday!

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My hope: He announces a new, constitutional government. "While you all were arguing about who won 2020 and 2022, the people voted. We counted those votes, and these are the people they elected. This is the government. That is not. The US military has already sworn allegiance to me as president of the United States. The legislatures of these states, the ones that actually won their elections, have already voted to support this government."

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The moment the "government" said Biden is president, and kept flying that flag, is the moment they became my enemy. The people on my side don't fly that flag, and don't work for the government.

We can make a new flag, but as long as the entity which calls itself the "US Government" waves that flag, it is the enemy's flag. The flag of homos, pedos, and rapists.

Right now the "Appeal to Heaven" flag represents my feelings and allegiance.

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That flag stands for:

  • Pedophiles
  • Homosexuals
  • Satanic Cults
  • Political Oppression

It deserves to fall.


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According to Jewish religion, he did nothing wrong. It's not really sex to have carnal relations with a girl who can't conceive.

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If it's much smaller, like 10 acres or so, then you're screwed unless you form an alliance with your neighbors.

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If the people who own the hunting grounds were smart, they would have enough food to feed an army strong enough to defend the borders. Armies, contrary to popular opinion, cannot be bought with money, but can be bought with food and shelter and such.

You need to go back to medieval times to understand what such an arrangement looks like. IE, say I was a landowner and owned 5,000 acres of hunting grounds. I would have to take 1,000 acres and bring people in to work that land in exchange for a small amount of rent -- rendered in the form of food, or money, or likely just labor. In addition to that, I need to make sure I am collecting enough food and such that I can feed a small army, which I keep among the farmers, or rather, hire from the farmers, so that they are related by blood.

Now, when bandits come to molest by 4,000 acres of hunting grounds, I can call on the people llving on my 1,000 acres to follow me to drive them out.

Back in the day, in England, you could take land from other people, and the king wouldn't really care as long as you paid the taxes on it. It was imperative that property owners maintained sufficient men and loyalty to protect their own land from bandits and usurpers.

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