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Fear shows that someone has something over her and forced her to kneel.

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Is there another way to say this aside from just "Jews"? There are non-Jews that are not puppets involved + most Jews have nothing to do with the people pulling the strings.

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Yup. MSNBC is straight up a terrorist organization bent on pushing people into acts of violence.

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It's weird to me that people say things like this. I'm more of the impression now that there is just no peaceful coexistence period. There are too many people with too many agendas.

Power will always corrupt and the corrupt will always seek power. Even if all people on Earth were eliminated outside of 1 race - there would still be the same exact shit happening. People would just find another trait besides skin color to segregate themselves by.

Even Adam & Eve couldn't keep their shit together in the Garden of Eden. If it isn't skin color it will be religion, if it isn't religion it will be something else. Suggesting that eliminating a race or all but one race will solve the human condition just doesn't make sense to me.

Maybe the closest we can ever get is just brief periods of peace before someone fucks it up. Where the elites are just afraid of the people enough that they do not feel comfortable asserting their complete and total will. If that's the case, looks like we're on the tail end of one of those periods.

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Peaceful coexistence with who? The people responsible for the great reset? They're laughing while we're all bickering and at each other's throats. We're a problem for them that is resolving itself while they go about their lives with no care at all.

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You're blaming a symptom of the problem. That man is a terrible human being and deserves a very painful and prolonged death, sure. The root issue is the machine behind pumping out the constant brainwashing and sewing division.

Marxists divide and conquer.

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I consider "my kind" to be nearly anyone that is not a Marxist or that flat out opposes Marxism.

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Corruption adapts, politicians change their message to suit their audience.

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Lol at the asshole with the "people's verdict - GUILTY" sign. They clearly do not understand what a jury is.

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Very dumb. Banning women from politics still leaves folks like.... The majority of our govt and George Soros free to fuck everyone over.

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The majority of the scumbags in office constantly fleecing us are men... How would banning women from politics solve this?

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Calling his office will probably not do anything. These people don't give a shit about someone complaining. They do whatever they want and no one does shit about it. Why would a strongly worded voicemail change anything?

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