Per the 1st amendment, citizens have the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. That means they can go protest in front of any government facility. But the moment someone throws a rock (deadly weapon), shoot them. If they break into a store, shoot them. If they try to burn a building or car, shoot them. If they attack someone walking by, shoot them. The people doing those things are not protestors. They are criminals in the middle of deadly illegal activities, and as such, can legally be shot dead in defense of life and property by anyone.

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Should States BAN the NCAA for Violating Sports Participation Laws?          RALLY TIME!        
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Given the most companies must operate within the law, if the NCAA is violating state laws on transgender sports, it seems to me that the states could ban the NCAA from their state. How much revenue would the NCAA lose if they lost all the red states?


A video out of Chile shows an elderly woman being refused entry to a supermarket because she didn’t obtain the necessary government permission to buy groceries under the country’s lockdown rules.

The clip shows the woman, who is apparently 100-years-old, appearing to be confused as she is denied access by security guards in uniform.

“Unfortunately government measures are not intended for the most vulnerable, not everyone handles the technology, not everyone has access to the internet,” tweeted Radio Villa Francia along with the video.

Adulta mayor de 100 años es impedida de comprar alimentos en un supermercado "LIDER" por no portar su permiso temporal. Lamentablemente las medidas del gobierno no son pensadas para los mas vulnerables, no todxs manejan la tecnología, no todxs tienen acceso a internet.

— Radio Villa Francia (@rvfradiopopular) April 10, 2021

In Chile, people have to apply for a “safe conduct pass” online, which only allows them to buy essential food items twice a week between the hours of 5am and 9pm.

Under the country’s ‘sanitary quarantine’, citizens must request “temporary instruments that authorize people to carry out fundamental activities and stock up on essential goods and services” in their communes.

The elderly lady’s failure to obtain the pass may have been related to her presumed inability to navigate the Internet.

The video serves as a chilling reminder as to what could be introduced in the west once vaccine passports and Chinese-style social credit score programs are implemented.

In the UK, vaccine passports won’t initially be required to enter venues like pubs, restaurants and grocery stores, but the government refused to rule it out longer term in their planning document.

In China, citizens who allow their social credit score to dip as a result of committing relatively minor infractions are denied the right to purchase things like plane and train tickets.

These videos are the same

Video - source 1 -

Video - source 2 -

The reality is that violence has solved everything. And has solved everything in the past.

The only reason peaceful protesting has ever worked is because after peaceful protest comes violent revolt, and with guns.

The governments of the world have always known this

Stop thinking there is a peaceful solution. They do not care any more.

Healthy debate only, pedes

at night 🤮🤮🤮

It's the only way to keep them in check.

America is 🤡🌍 (
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