Dems (  shall not be infringed 
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Title kinda says it all, anyone else?

Iphone if that matters, using Safari

NYC soon? (
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Lula’s Brazilian “Indigenous” Charity Embezzled $6.5 Million ( 🚁 FREE CHOPPER RIDES 🚁
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The Biden Depression gains free fall speed. Phillips to layoff 6000 workers. (                I  DID  THAT  
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Alec Baldwin to be formally charged Tuesday in shooting death of cinematographer ( 🌶️ 🌶️ SPICY 🌶️ 🌶️
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We need a new name. Maybe something referencing restoration.

I know this might not seem slutty compared to others on the community, but I had a one night stand for the first time this past weekend. I grew up in a pretty traditional Chinese household, and I've only been with two guys, both of which were long term relationships, so this is a pretty big deal for me.

I broke up with my last bf a few months ago, and my friend suggested I tried getting with more guys while I have the chance, so I finally had to use a dating site comparer tool and started swiping lol. Ended up matching with this cute guy with curly brown hair and we met up at a bar. I don't really drink much but I was kind of getting cold feet so I had a few drinks and we got to know each other. He ended up being really nice and after a bit, he asked if I wanted to go over to his place to watch a movie. I just remember thinking 'omg this is finally happening' and I decided to just bite the bullet and go with it.

It was a pretty big change of pace for me since I've never hooked up after a first date before, but it was very enjoyable. It felt very freeing knowing I could let go and not see this person again, and I definitely surprised myself with how into it I got. For such a sweet guy he was surprisingly rough, and I liked that a lot. I think I would definitely try something like this again.

Cosmopolitan says it's a sin to be fat (      YES            
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